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100% Natural De-Wormer Treat Box & Mr Slobberchops Dont Bug Me Now Powder for Fleas, Ticks & Worms - this is an in food supplement. Made for the whole of the dog, from the inside out, with 100% natural ingredients!

Recommended Daily Amounts:

Dogs below 7kg 1/8th teaspoon or very small pinch once daily

Small to Medium dogs from 7kg to 17kg  ¼ teaspoon once daily

Medium to Large Dogs 18kg to 28kg ½ teaspoon once daily

Dogs over 28kg 1 teaspoon once daily.

For Dogs Only

Suitable from 12 weeks or age. Not for use on pregnant or whelping bitches


Ingredients: Neem Leaf, Basil Leaf, Pumpkin Seed Extract,  Peppermint Leaf, Astragulus Root, Yucca, Calendula, Ginger Root


In this box:

Mr Slobberchops Dont Bug Me Now in food Supplement Powder for Fleas, Ticks & Worms x 1

Furry Rabbit Ears x 4

Large Venison Skins x 2

XL Furry Cow Ear x 1

Hairy Lamb Ear x 1

Hairy Wild Boar Leg x 1

Hairy Deer Leg x 1


Exterminator Gold Level

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