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Natural De-Worming Treat Box & Mr Slobberchops Rollerdog Flea & Tick! 100% Natural Treats that can act great as a natural de-wormer along with Mr Slobberchops Flea & Tick Prevention Roll On. This is a portable solution for dogs on the go - use daily before walks. Easy to apply to targeted areas! A natural blend of Rose Geranium, Peppermint, Neem & lemongrass in an almond carrier oil. 


In this box: 

Mr Slobberchops Don't Bug Me Now Rollerdog for Fleas & Ticks x 1

Furry Rabbit Ears x 4

Large Venison Skins x 2

XL Furry Cow Ear x 1 

Hairy Lamb Ear x 1

Hairy Wild Boar Leg x 1

Hairy Deer Leg x 1


Exterminator Silver Level

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