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Furry Naturals

Why did we decide to introduce Furry Naturals to your pets? 

As the founder of Raw Feed 4 Us, situated in Manchester since 2016, we believe the natural way is the best way with all aspects regarding your furry loved ones.

We are a small family run business and have a qualified canine nutritionist. We believe the natural way is the best way with regards to all aspects for those four legged furry loved ones. 

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About Us

Natural Dog Treats & Supplements are 100% the best way to treat your dogs and cats. They are what they say - meaning no hidden or nasty ingredients.

This is our passion; we want the absolute best for them - just like you do. The more ingredients that are listed on the packets, the more they have been processed and are not natural. This makes us extremely sad as some manufacturers use posh packaging and clever wording to make you think that they are natural - when they in fact are not.

We all want happy, healthy pets and you can treat them the right way, the best way and the healthiest way. What's great about it is that natural treats are far superior to our furry friends. They absolutely love them!

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